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Note: This will always be the latest released version. To upgrade just download the latest version and select Repair as the install type (it will be the default).

New Users: Please read the Installation Instructions below for help getting started with WebLink and PTVL.
Temporary Information
The installation program currently installs an older version of WebLink. When you run WebLink it should automatically update itself to the version that works with Schedules Direct. We are working on rebuilding the installation program and should have an updated version soon.

Vista Users
When you install, make sure you install in an directory that's not under C:\Program Files. For example, change the install path to C:\PTVL. If you don't do this, WebLink will not be able to update itself.

Installation Instructions

Before you can use the program, you must setup an account at Schedules Direct. This is what allows the program to get the actual listing data.


Be sure to remember your username and password.

To install, download and run PTVLInstall.exe. This will install WebLink, ListingSync and PTVL. WebLink is a desktop application that gathers the listing information and packages it in a special format. ListingSync in an ActiveSync provider that copies the listing data from the desktop to your Pocket PC. PTVL is the program that runs on the Pocket PC to display the listings.

After you have installed you may need to disconnect and reconnect your Pocket PC and go into ActiveSync options and check ListingData. To use PTVL you need a Listings.dat file which is created by WebLink and copied to the Pocket PC by ListingSync.

When you first run WebLink it will open the Account Settings page where you need to enter the username and password for your account at Schedules Direct.

Note: Smaller subsets of data result in faster load and search times, so you may only want to check channels that you view.

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